Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Healthy lives across the world

Our Mission

Improving health outcomes in disadvantaged populations globally, through partnership in research and education

Our Values

Our values will guide how we work – they are the essence of our community.

They have been developed in collaboration and consultation with our staff and will underpin the delivery of our Strategy.


Our community is a place where everyone is trusted, respected, appreciated and empowered. ​

We embrace diversity and welcome different views – we encourage honest, courageous conversations and always treat each other with kindness and dignity.​


We act with integrity, fairness, and transparency and hold ourselves, and our partners, to the highest ethical standards. ​

We deliver on our commitments and foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. ​


We work with those who share our values and ambitions and take pride in our collective achievements. ​

We support each other and will use our influence to develop and sustain equitable partnerships – together we will deliver better outcomes.​


We are ambitious and strive to make a positive difference in everything that we do, working with staff, students, alumni and partners who are at the cutting edge of their fields of expertise.​

We will approach our work with curiosity and learning and focus our efforts and resources where they will have greatest impact.