Chair Recruitment

Vision, Mission and Values


Healthy lives across the world


Improving health outcomes in disadvantaged populations globally through partnership in research and education 


  • Making a positive difference 

- We approach our work with curiosity, learning and adapting to find creative, appropriate, and innovative solutions 

- We stay at the cutting edge in our fields of expertise 

- We respect and safeguard our people, partners, and planet 

  • Integrity 

- We ensure our words are consistent with our actions

- We communicate with honesty and transparency 

- We are accountable: we deliver on our commitments

- We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards

- We acknowledge, discuss, and learn from, our mistakes  

  • Partnership

- We work to develop and sustain equitable partnerships to achieve our goals and seek to influence others to do the same 

- We build knowledge, skills, and capacity as we develop together

- We collaborate with our colleagues across the organisation to achieve the best outcomes for all at LSTM, and our partners 

- We support each other to take pride in our process, progress and achievements  

  • Inclusivity

- We promote fair and equitable treatment, opportunity and engagement in our activities

- We value diversity, and our actions aim to create an inclusive environment for all

- We create an environment in which diverse views are welcomed, and honest, courageous conversations are encouraged 

- We enable one another to take decisions, trusting our colleagues’ and partners’ skills and judgements 

- We treat each other with kindness and dignity and look after each other’s wellbeing