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Strategic Vision 2017-2023

LSTM has enjoyed an exceptional period of transformation and growth over the past 20 years. It has focused on its mission of improving health in the tropics, concentrating primarily on its strengths to reduce the incidence of major infectious diseases and supporting the Millennium Development Goals for malaria, TB, HIV, neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and maternal and neonatal health.

This mission, and the values to which LSTM aspires, remain unchanged. LSTM, and its subsidiary companies, have a turnover in excess of £115 million in 2018, making it an increasingly visible part of the local economy around which new initiatives can be seeded, benefitting both LSTM and the region in which it is embedded.

LSTM is distinctive in the higher education institution (HEI) sector, with a research portfolio accounting for a disproportionately high percentage of its turnover. Following the granting of teaching and research degree awarding powers (DAPs) to LSTM in 2017, a main focus throughout this strategic cycle will be on expanding our learning and teaching offering. While we aim to grow our research activities, new growth will also be aligned with the need to rebalance our activity profile by increasing our learning and teaching offering in those areas of greatest global demand.

Our staff is our greatest asset. We aim to attract and retain the most talented individuals and to provide innovative pathways to ensure that all those on the academic career track can progress. Our administrative and support systems grow in line with increased activity and we will aim to provide improved training and career track options for all staff, making us a more attractive employer. Our ability to drive continued growth will be underpinned through increased leverage of external funding through both the research and teaching streams.

This strategic plan utilises a different format to that of the previous planning cycles. The three major strategic goals for LSTM were agreed in late 2016 and are underpinned by six enabling strategies that highlight the facilitating role of LSTM’s professional services departments. These ensure the achievement of the strategic plan at all levels within the organisation and in the multiple overseas settings where LSTM operates, providing a platform to achieve the academic excellence we continuously aim for.