Chair Recruitment

Strategic Goals

The three strategic goals and supporting enabling strategies aim to further strengthen and expand LSTM’s translational research approach and its teaching:

  1. Strengthen the translational impact of our activities

  2. Expand our teaching portfolio

  3. Plan for growth

These major goals are cascaded down into the operational planning throughout this strategic cycle. It culminates in a significant milestone: LSTM’s 125th anniversary in 2023, when we will be showcasing our past achievements and signalling our ambitious plans to increase our beneficial impact on global health indicators. This also provides a significant opportunity to broaden and deepen our donor base.

LSTM’s Board of Trustees appointed a new Director in the spring of 2018 and Professor David Lalloo took up his role in January 2019. 

Over the years ahead the Board of Trustees will monitor progress against the multiple key performance indicators and targets that have been set. We do this at a challenging time with many external uncertainties affecting the UK’s science and HEI sector; but the organisation is well placed to face and overcome any obstacles, with continuing scientific and teaching excellence by our staff and students making LSTM the unique institution it is and will continue to be.

The future of LSTM will be more devolved and less ‘Liverpool driven’, more balanced towards the talents and priorities of the countries in which we operate, more diverse and more practiced at working in partnerships with changes and developments in the countries where we work.